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Solution Designing & Implementing

 ITE Corp. has a sort of “Help Desk”, by which it is able to serve its Clients ‘population, especially the IS Department. The Procedures and logistics of such Help Desk are set with every Client, based on that Client’ specific Requirements.

 ITE Corp. can operate in two ways; from its own premises by means of Telephone/Fax and System-to-System Communication.


 By physically be present at the Client’ site. All what ITE Corp. requires from its Clients in terms of Resources is an office furnished with a Personal Computer, an access to the Network infrastructure, an outside Telephone/Fax Line and we are ready to go!

Services offered by this “Help Desk“ would include (but not limited to) the following:

     Providing identification & resolution of the problems reported for Software and Application installed on the different Platforms and Systems.

     Providing advice and assistance on the use of the Software, especially the one running on Desktops.

     Providing assistance in the installation, setup and configuration of the Software or its Updates; especially when it comes to the Server Part of the Software and Communication.

     Assisting in putting together Software Migration Plans.

     Performing Initial Server Administration for the Server(s).

     Assisting Our Clients in formulating optimal training plans that would generate the utmost benefits to participants, including managing the scheduling and classes’ distribution.

     Providing hands-on experience and on-the-job training for IS Department Staff Members.

     Helping the IS Department in the implementation of New and Emerging Technologies and in putting it into use in a prompt and convenient manner.

     Providing advice, assistance and knowledge to customize “Server” Applications as to be able to tailor such S/W based on Client’s Requirements.

     Acting as a focal point in all matters related to the Client, where ITE Corp. is concerned, which would drastically reduce the response time to any inquiry, Technical, Administrative or even Commercial in nature.

ITE Corp.’s Solutions::

 As we have already detailed ITE corp.’s Services offerings; this section is dedicated to some Solutions, offered by ITE Corp. to its Clients, also in association with its Partners.


 Systems management is a complex, multifaceted problem, which no one tool or technology can solve. All too often this compels IT managers to use disparate management products to provide status reporting for systems across the enterprise. Poor integration between such tools often leads to reliability and consistency problems, reducing their effectiveness in managing day-to-day operations.
To aid in resolving these problems methodologies to resolve such dilemma and assist its customer in reaching their maximum Operational Efficiency;

    Microsoft Solutions Framework
    Microsoft Operations Framework

 These two disciplines provide reciprocal and complementary services: Operations management provides advance warning of the need for change and configuration management.

ITE Corp. offers solutions in both of these areas through Solutions based on the following Microsoft Server Products:

 Microsoft Windows 2003 Server

 Microsoft Exchange 2007 server

 System Center Configuration Manager 2007 server

 System Center Operations Manager 2007server

 Office communications server 2007

 Microsoft SharePoint 2007 server

 Windows 2003 Server Advanced Security Features

 Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003

 SMS 2003 is Microsoft Corporation’s strategic solution, for changing and configuring management of Windows-based systems.

 SMS 2003

 Microsoft® Operations Manager (MOM) 2005

 MOM 2005

 Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004

 SharePoint Portal Server

 Exchange 2003 Server

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